March 13, 2017

Recent Study

Healthcare Scenario

One of the largest sector in India which is increasing at CAGR 22.9. Kerala is the advance in healthcare sector and potentially become healthcare hub in next 3 years.

  • Greater Number of hospital getting accredited and recognition
  • Advancement in technology in healthcare sector
  • The experienced and qualified doctors
  • Cheapest surgery from qualified professionals



Type 2 diabetes also called hyperglycemia is the most common disease now day. It caused due to the higher sugar level in blood.

The study shows that about 90% of the patient have hyperglycemia. Doctors believe that the hypoglycemia can be control easily. The only thing that is required is the motivation and regular exercise. Majority of the doctors believe that the poor adherence to anti-hyperglycemia control are the major barrier to good glycemic control. So, to avoid such circumstances about 53% of the doctor ask their patient to visit every 3 to 6 months.

According to 67% of Indian doctors, the diabetes can be managed more effectively by using the available treatment.

Consumer Durable

Consumer Durable

India is one of the fastest growing consumer durable market in the world. Currently, it is about USD 10.5 Billion with CAGR of 14.8% and expected to reach USD 14.4 Billion by 2020. The consumer durable urban market is about 67% whereas 33%. The following factors seems to be reason for the increase in demand.

  • Growth in the per capita income
  • Emerging new rural market
  • Entry of Foreign Company
  • Impact of Technology

Mobile Market

Indian market is dominated by the android market and Samsung capture one forth of the android market. The android market increases by the 8.4% and iOS increases by 7.7% in last quarter.

In India there are about 110 million smartphone. The sale is 17% higher than the last year. The feature phone in India does not see any change in the demand. The migration from the feature phone to smartphone is very slow in India due to

  • Due to affordability
  • Feature phone durability
  • Longer battery life


India’s sea food export is valued about USD 4.8 Billion, which is 30% higher than the previous export.

India export the largest amount of shrimp to the Asian country. About 55% of those shrimps are forwarded to United Sates. US has the largest market  by value for Indian shrimp export.

Nursery Feed and Grower Feeds are the most demanding feeds among the farmers.